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City of Tonawanda (population 15130)

Name of service/government operation: Town of Tonawanda/City of Tonawanda

Form of sharing: Shared Assessor

Services affected: Property Tax Assessment

Year started: 2012

Partners: Town of Tonawanda/City of Tonawanda

Primary goal(s)/motivation(s): Save money for each entity

What planning process preceded the sharing? Anticipated retirements of Assessor in each jurisdiction and the search for a replacement

What governance structures and/or agreements are required to maintain this agreement? Payment by the City to the Town on a monthly basis for its cost of the shared service, approximately $3300 per month

Challenges: Implementation of computer applications, web based interfaces for public to access information without having to rely on staff

Benefits: Reduction of work force, maintained expertise of licensed assessor

Impact on budget: Approximate annual savings $40,000, in salary and benefits

Impact on labor: Shared assessor with Town of Tonawanda, works two days at City of Tonawanda

Impact on service: none

Key contact: David Marrano, Assessor 716-695-8638