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Town of Steuben (population 1100)

Name of service/government operation: Oneida County and the Town of Steuben

Form of sharing: Mowing Contract, Snow plowing Contract, and Road ditching Contract.

Services affected: Road maintenance

Year started: Snow Plowing is Renewed Contract every two years and Mowing and Ditching is every 1 year

Partners: Town of Steuben and Oneida County

Primary goal(s)/motivation(s): Save money and maintenance of Roads.

What planning process preceded the sharing? County needed support, man power and equipment.

What governance structures and/or agreements are required to maintain this agreement? Renewed annually and semi annualy, and County HR Admits.

Challenges: no challenges

Benefits: Road maintenance is performed more often and better would be without Contracts. Public Safety and cost effective.

Impact on budget: 128000

Impact on labor: Town Highway Staff

Impact on service: Keeps the two entity from Doubling the services.

Key contact: Harry Landman, Town of Steuben Supervisor: 315-865-5087