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Chautauqua County (population 134905)

Name of service/government operation: road maintenance: chip seal process

Form of sharing: Count obtained and provided the chip sealer and rollers, the participating municipalities provide the stone, oil, and manpower/trucks to haul the material

Services affected: road maintenance

Year started: 2010

Partners: 15 Towns, and 12 villages

Primary goal(s)/motivation(s): reduce cost improve road quality

What planning process preceded the sharing? analysis by County engineers, application for the grant to acquire self propelled chip spreader and rollers.

What governance structures and/or agreements are required to maintain this agreement? none

Challenges: getting municipalities to consider the process

Benefits: the first year we saved the municaplities over appox.$500,000.00 and completed approximately 25% more miles of road work than anticipated

Impact on budget: Savings first year approx. $500,000.00 with continued savings every year thereafter

Impact on labor: maiximized existing labor to increase both quality and quantity of work performed

Impact on service: improved coordination between all municipalities,and it has encouraged other shared service initiatives.

Key contact: George Spanos Director of Dept. of Public Works Chautauqua County 716-661-8401