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Village of Bronxville (population 6323)

Name of service/government operation: Village of Bronxville Dept. of Public Works

Form of sharing: DPW Equipment

Services affected: Public Works

Year started: Prior 2000

Partners: Village of Tuckahoe and Town of Eastchester

Primary goal(s)/motivation(s): Motivation behind sharing specialized municipal equipment was the understanding that none of us could afford and/or maintain an individual piece

What planning process preceded the sharing? Planning was among the individual department heads for each Municipality

What governance structures and/or agreements are required to maintain this agreement? Do not have a formal written agreement

Challenges: None. Under present department leadership all three communities work well together

Benefits: No need for each community to purchase specialized equipment.

Impact on budget: Fiscal Impact has not been analyized. However inital costs for the equipment is a realized savings

Impact on labor: None. We provide our own labor

Impact on service: The sharing of equipment provides for uninterrupted services

Key contact: Rocco Circosta (