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Village of Green Island (population 2620)

Name of service/government operation: Stormwater Coalition of Albany County

Form of sharing: MS4 permits

Services affected: MS4 permit implementation

Year started: approx. 2007

Partners: 13 members from Albany County

Primary goal(s)/motivation(s): Shared cooperation in management of stormwater permits as a result of the Clean Water Act

What planning process preceded the sharing? A group was formed and met for a few years before formalizing an agreement. An attorney was hired to facilitate the legal aspects of the agreement.

What governance structures and/or agreements are required to maintain this agreement? MSA between all of the entities.

Challenges: None more than any other organization might normally encounter.

Benefits: Shared implementation of all required aspects of our individual permits with DEC.

Impact on budget: The cost to Green Island is $3,500 per year to be a member community but the benefits are much greater.

Impact on labor: We do have to provide staff to help facilitate certain aspects of the process but it would be much greater if done alone.

Impact on service: A great benefit to our community.

Key contact: Sean Ward