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Village of Corfu (population 709)

Name of service/government operation: General Maintenance/Sewer

Form of sharing: Use of Equipment & Manpower

Services affected: Maintenance/Sewer

Year started: 2005

Partners: Area Villages and Towns

Primary goal(s)/motivation(s): Cost savings on equipment rental, manpower - Create continued Cooperative relationships

What planning process preceded the sharing? Individual meetings and development of written shared services agreements with other municipalities.

What governance structures and/or agreements are required to maintain this agreement? Have written Shared Service agreements - Maintenance is achieved through continued cooperative attitudes between personnel. We have an incredible crew on staff.

Challenges: Making sure too much time is not spent on outside projects with other municipalities to concern Village residents about benefits.

Benefits: Great attitude of cooperation maintained, cost savings on equipment and manpower.

Impact on budget: Cost savings on equipment and manpower.

Impact on labor: Time saving for personnel on projects that would otherwise necessitate hiring temporary employees experienced on certain equipment, etc.

Impact on service: Ability to pursue in-house projects that would normally have to be done by outside sources.

Key contact: Mayor Todd Skeet, 716-864-7756 email: