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Town of Smithtown (population 117801)

Name of service/government operation: CNG Vehicle Fueling Station

Form of sharing: Joint RFP

Services affected: Vehicle fueling and solid waste collection

Year started: 2010

Partners: Town of Huntington

Primary goal(s)/motivation(s): Reduce the cost of solid waste collection and to improve local air quality

What planning process preceded the sharing? Intermunicipal discussion, Intermunicipal Agreement, Issuance of an RFP, Joint review of RFPs, AWard of RFP

What governance structures and/or agreements are required to maintain this agreement? Intermunicipal Agreement and contract with third party vendor

Challenges: Concern over introduction of a new technology.

Benefits: Significant reduction in the cost of fuel and a long term fixed price fuel contract providing budget stability.

Impact on budget: Reduced expense for solid waste collection services, reduced fuel expense for general municipal services, long term fixed fuel prices.

Impact on labor: None

Impact on service: TRucks emit fewer local air pollutants and are quiter than diesel vehicles.

Key contact: Russell K. Barnett, Director,, (631) 360 - 7514