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Schuyler County (population 18343)

Name of service/government operation: Weights and Measures

Form of sharing: County to County

Services affected: Director of Weights and Measures

Year started: 2010

Partners: Schuyler and Chemung County

Primary goal(s)/motivation(s): Reduce costs and improve service.

What planning process preceded the sharing? Discussions between two counties and ultimately a change in state legislation to waive residency requirement for this position.

What governance structures and/or agreements are required to maintain this agreement? IMA

Challenges: It was necessary to change Ag & markets law to waive the residency requirement for this position.

Benefits: This allowed both counties to greatly improve the level of service and compliance by utilizing a dedicated staff member as the sole Director.

Impact on budget: Significant savings in Chemung County with no increase in Schuyler

Impact on labor: Allowed Schuyler to employ the Director as a full time employee with funding coming from Chemung County.

Impact on service: Greatly improved in both counties

Key contact: Tim O'Hearn, County Administrator