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Town of Erwin (population 8037)

Name of service/government operation: Southeast Steuben County Free Association Library

Form of sharing: Joint funding

Services affected: Library

Year started: 2000

Partners: City of Conring, Towns of CAmpbell, Caton, Corning, Erwin, Hornby, Lindley

Primary goal(s)/motivation(s): Provide library services to region in a cost effective manner

What planning process preceded the sharing? Gathering of all potential participants and served communities; use of facilitator from both profit and not-for profit agencies, contract negotiations, attorney review, establish governance board representing all partners

What governance structures and/or agreements are required to maintain this agreement? contractual agreement between supporting municipalities and the not-for-profit library association

Challenges: fiscal concerns and constraints of participants; long range financial planning

Benefits: quality service available to all communities which could not have been achieved individually

Impact on budget: for many participants represents the largest, single payment to an outside agency

Impact on labor: n/a

Impact on service: quality service for everyone

Key contact: Pauline Emery, Library Director