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City of Jamestown (population 31146)

Name of service/government operation: City of Jamestown/Chautauqua County

Form of sharing: Previously city delivered service consolidated or transferred to the County

Services affected: Social Services, Health Department, Landfill, Airport, IDA, Public Transportation, Tax Foreclosure//Sale Process, E-911 Dispatching and record keeping, Bridge Ownership and maintenance, Community College chargebacks, Election Administration, Civil Service Commission, currently completing a police consolidation plan with CGR funded by a State Local Government Efficiency grant.

Year started: 1970- Present

Partners: City of Jamestown, County of Chautauqua

Primary goal(s)/motivation(s): Cost Savings, Quality of Service, Expansion of Service to outlying areas

What planning process preceded the sharing? Varied in each instance from staff///elected official dialogue to a consultant drive process (i.e.: the current police consolidation study)

What governance structures and/or agreements are required to maintain this agreement? City and County governments. Legislative action on both parts. Development and execution of specific agreements for each service

Challenges: Political....partisan, geographic (north/south county////urban/rural); Individual Personalities

Benefits: Cost savings, more equitable cost sharing and support for the service, better coordination, expansion of service levels to outlying areas,

Impact on budget: Varies from significant to minimal depending on the service in question

Impact on labor: Varies....reduction in some, no impact in other cases.

Impact on service: Positive

Key contact: Mayor Sam Teresi 716-483-7600