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Town of Paris (population 4411)

Name of service/government operation: The Sauquoit Valley Central Schools buy their sand for their roads through our contractor. This enables them to save a condiderable amount of money

Services affected: 10 years

Year started: 2003

Primary goal(s)/motivation(s): Convenience and saving money. We are located next to each other. We sell the sand at the price we pay for it.

What planning process preceded the sharing? Our former Town Supervisor was an accountant and didn't like the way the exchange was being made. We The Town was paying for all of the sand and not getting reimbursed for it.The loss was to much for the Town so we started to charge.

What governance structures and/or agreements are required to maintain this agreement? It is an ongoing agreement renewed every year.

Challenges: none

Benefits: It saves town money and we are able to account for our expenses

Impact on budget: We now know just what it cost the Town and the School. We do not have figures for the cost savings. I am new in this job and the people who are here cannot give me the figures.

Impact on labor: The school is now picking up the sand and we no longer deliver. Saving our truck and labor.

Impact on service: none