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Town of Penfield
Case 1: Recycling Center

County Town of Penfield
Contact person Channing Philbrick, Supervisor, 716-377-8600
Case descriptions Case 1: Recycling Center
Forms of restructuring intermunicipal cooperation - joint production
Specific services affected Penfield operates a recycling center for Monroe County that serves the eastern portion of the county. Refuse was transported from this facility to Monroe County's central processing center by a private contractor. In 1995, the Town purchased dumpsters that are compatible with the County trucks, so the County took over moving refuse to the processing center.
Year started the center has been jointly operated since the mid 1980s, transportation was taken over by the County in 1995.
Partners the Town; Monroe County Dept. of Environmental Services
Primary goal to streamline the service and reduce cost
Barriers none
Benefits save money
Impact on budget capital cost was recouped by the Town in the first year, the town has saved $9,000 annually since
Impact on labor none
Key contact Jim Fletcher, Supint. of Highways, 716-377-8632