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Town of Bethlehem
Case 5: Recycling

County Town of Bethlehem
Contact person Judith Kehoe, Comptroller, 518-439-4955
Case descriptions Case 5: Recycling
Forms of restructuring intermunicipal cooperation
Specific services affected sponsor annual household hazardous waste (HHW) day
Year started 1995
Partners the Town; City ofAlbany; Eatern Rens.Co. Solid Waste Management Authority; Town ofColonie; DelawareCo.
Primary goal to achieve safe/proper disposition of HHW
Barriers none significant
Benefits provides service to residents; protects environment
Impact on budget costs $60,000 per year
Impact on labor minimal, use existing staff; incur overtime
Key contact Gregg Sagendorph, Highway Superintendent, 518-767-9618