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Town of Pendleton
Case 1: Garbage Consortium, Includes 7 towns

County Town of Pendleton
Contact person William Boulden, Supervisor, 716-625-8813
Case descriptions Case 1: Garbage Consortium, Includes 7 towns
Forms of restructuring intermunicipal cooperation - consolidated bidding on waste and recycling collection
Specific services affected garbage and recyclables collected
Year started 1991
Partners the Town; Town of Cambria; Town of Hartland; Town of Lockport; Town of Newfane; Town of Newstead; Town of Somerset
Primary goal lower cost of collection and tipping fees
Benefits lower costs in half - being a consortium of 7 towns we get better bids
Impact on budget halved our costs
Impact on labor none
Key contact William Boulden, Supervisor, 716-625-8813