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Cincinnati, Ohio

Keywords: Residential Trash Collection, Competitive Bidding

Yard Waste

In 1996 the City of Cincinnati, Ohio expanded its recycling program to include curbside pick up of yard waste. The program began after a local firm, Rumpke, approached a city council member with the idea, and offered to perform the service for $1.5 million annually. Upon hearing the news, a second city council member approached the union and said the city would be willing to offer AFSCME the contract if it could beat Rumpkes price.

A labor-management committee soon formed to research the program. The committee determined that city employees could perform the same service for less than $1 million--fully one third less that what the private contractor was asking. The labor-management committee continues to meet annually to review the past years performance and set the contract terms for the upcoming year.

The successful program is now in its third year of operation. About twenty-five full-time and seasonal jobs have been created as a result of the program.

Case based on interview with Renita Jones Street, AFSCME Rep from the Cincinnati Regional Office, July 1, 1999.